Chrisula's Classic Collection

March 19, 2020

I first started collecting recipes in 1990, when I was 13 years old. On Thanksgiving 1997, at age 20, I began compiling my recipes in a binder. Since then, I have tried countless recipes and modified this cookbook hundreds of times, each time saying it was the final copy, and each time going back to add or remove things to make what I thought was a better cookbook than the one before it. After having worked on this for over two decades, in 2016 I decided that my recipe collecting and compiling would be complete, so that I could pursue other interests and the next chapter in my life.

My goal in writing this cookbook was to come up with a base of techniques and recipes to practically, healthfully, affordably, and (of course) deliciously always be able to put something good on the table for my family, in a sustainable way. In my home, it served as the base to plan my menus around, adding in new dishes and recipes to keep things interesting. These are my greatest recipes – the ones that worked for me in my life. My hope is that my years of meticulous cataloging of my favorite recipes will benefit others as much as it has benefited me.

I had other plans for this cookbook, which involved printing it in a notebook-style, ring-bound, 11″x17″ flippable book with a cardboard base to allow it to stand alone on a counter, and intended to work in some hand-drawn pencil sketches and compile a few photos of my recipes in action with family and memories, but alas, time escaped me. Someday, this may happen, but as I am very busy with other pursuits at this time, it will be some time yet. I also intended to write an addendum that traced the origin of each recipe to its contributor(s), including both public and non-public sources, because no one recipe is ever truly original.  

However, now that we are all preparing to be home a lot for an undetermined length of time, I decided that this is quite the perfect time to share my treasured collection of tried-and-true recipes with the public, for whomever would like some new recipes to try. I’ve always believed that good recipes – much like a sage piece of advice, an old adage, or a great joke –  are meant to be shared. And so, although this project is incomplete, I am sharing what I have with the world, in the hopes that someone out there who is at home all day can stir up something delicious to eat, instead of going stir crazy. Home is what you make it, and I hope these recipes will make someone’s home a happier place during these uncertain times.

I truly hope you enjoy my recipes and make them your very own.

Happy cooking and God bless!

~~Chrisula M. Stone~~

Falafel with Homemade Pita Bread and Homegrown Tomatoes
Oatmeal Cream Pies
Tomato Salad
Lemon-Berry Cake
Miss O’s Gemelli with Green Beans
Lemon Bars
Pumpkin Pie (Ugly but Delicious)
Stuffed Peppers
Tortellini Salad

Fried Rice
Rice Pudding
Avgolemano Soup
Macintosh Apple Cake, drizzled with a thin icing made of confectioner’s sugar, water and vanilla extract
“Bluebirdy” Muffins
Thea Rula’s Kourambiethes

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